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Thank you for downloading With a Little Help by Cory Doctorow.

With a Little Help is my first serious experiment in self-publishing. I’ve published many novels, short story collections, books of essays and so on with publishers, and it’s all been very good and satisfying and educational and so on, but it seems like it’s time to try something new.

You see, I’ve always released my work under open licenses from the Creative Commons project, so that my readers could share and remix my works. A good number of these readers wanted to know why I didn’t distribute the physical book as well, and see what a writer working on his own could do.

So here we have it. With a Little Help, consists of 12 stories, all reprints except for “Epoch,” which was commissioned by the Ubuntu project‘s Mark Shuttleworth for $10,000 (this being the most expensive option for buying the book — don’t worry, there are cheaper editions). The book is available in many forms.

The full text of all the stories in this collection is available as free downloads under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (by-nc-sa 3.0) license, meaning that you can copy them and make your own versions, but you can’t make money off them and you have to let others remix your creations. The audiobooks are likewise available as free downloads on the same terms.

If you like this book, please visit to see all the different editions of the book you can buy or download for free, or to just donate a few dollars.

(Bundled as a torrent by Børge A. Roum, aka "forteller" all around the interblags)



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audio 01-Introduction_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg22.11 MB
audio 02-The_Things_That_Make_Me_Weak_and_Strange_Get_Engineered_Away_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg237.44 MB
audio 03-The_Right_Book_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg62.99 MB
audio 04-Other_Peoples'_Money_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg43.46 MB
audio 05-Scroogled_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg140.84 MB
audio 06-Human_Readable_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg291.69 MB
audio 07-Liberation_Spectrum_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg57.8 MB
audio 08-Power_Punctuation_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg80.8 MB
audio 09-Visit_The_Sins_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg138.45 MB
audio 10-Constitutional_Crisis_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg47.45 MB
audio 11-Pester_Power_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg32.44 MB
audio 12-Chicken_Little_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg367.67 MB
audio 13-Epoch_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg89.73 MB
audio 14-I'm_Only_In_it_For_the_Money_-_Cory_Doctorow_-_With_a_Little_Help.ogg28.45 MB
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