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DateThursday 24 February 2011
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Easylingo Translation To 16 languages V3.0 Jan2011


Translate between English and any one of:
Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, and Hebrew

A real-time interactive dictionary that lets you translate between English and any one of Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, and Hebrew

How does is work? Look at this animated example below (without the sound). What you are seeing are actual screen captures of Easy Lingo™ at work.

As the mouse moves over each word, a translation appears.

With Easy-lingo™, you can select words from any windows application and display their translation in a Tool Tip balloon or Easy-lingo™ window.

And now, when you point to an English word, Easy-lingo™ will actually speak the word to you and then display the non-English translation!

You can either click with your mouse or simply hold the cursor over the word to display its translation. You can also enter words manually to be translated. Easy-lingo's translations work in both directions: you can select an English word and receive a Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, and Hebrew translation or you can select a word in any of those languages and receive an English translation.

Point, listen & understand in multiple languages!

Now with text-to-speech! Easy-lingo™ is an incredible breakthrough language product that performs real-time interactive translations bi-directionally for English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, and Hebrew - just point, listen and understand in your native language. Words on the web, word processing documents, presentations, virtually any text displayed on your monitor all can now be understood using Accent's new screen-text recognition technology.

English words are spoken by your computer and then instantly display foreign language definitions from the position of the cursor.

Visiting a web site in a foreign language?

Now you can read it with Easy-lingo™. Use English as a second language? Easy-lingo™ is a valuable tool to better understand English text in your native language! Any user that is more comfortable using Arabic, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish & more will find using Easy-lingo™ to be a helpful aide in understanding English content. Additional languages will be added in the future to increase your international vocabulary beyond anything you could have ever imagined

Easy Lingo can translate to languages as follows:
English - Arabic
English - Dutch
English - French
English - Greek
English - Italian
English - Russian
English - Portuguese
English - Spanish
English - Swedish
French – English
French - German
German - English
German - French
German - Spanish
Spanish – English
Spanish - German



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unknown easylingo Setup/Wpoint.z33.66 MB
unknown easylingo Setup/_setup.lib451.54 KB
image easylingo Setup/setup.bmp344.73 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/_inst32i.ex_312.67 KB
exe easylingo Setup/uninst.exe291.5 KB
exe easylingo Setup/setup.exe206 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/Setup.ins180.18 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/setup.org28.48 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_deu.txt12.06 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_fre.txt11.01 KB
text easylingo Setup/setup.ini10.12 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_nld.txt10.07 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_ita.txt10.05 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_esl.txt10.03 KB
text easylingo Setup/accmling.ini9.96 KB
exe easylingo Setup/_isdel.exe8 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/transdrv.reg7.43 KB
text easylingo Setup/inst_heb.txt7.37 KB
text easylingo Setup/Liesmich.txt6.44 KB
text easylingo Setup/english.ini6.43 KB
text easylingo Setup/build.txt6.28 KB
text easylingo Setup/read_eng.txt6.28 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/_setup.dll5.98 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/product.h3.09 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/sound.reg1.56 KB
unknown easylingo Setup/elingo.reg976 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/setup.iss648 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/fontini.org461 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/fontreg.org349 Byte
text easylingo Setup/font.ini344 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/vssver.scc288 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/font.REG282 Byte
text easylingo Setup/Debug.ini203 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/port.reg117 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/norway.reg116 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elptg.reg116 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elnor.reg115 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/spanish.reg114 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/italian.reg114 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/finnish.reg114 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/swedish.reg114 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/french.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elfin.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elesp.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/danish.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/hebrew.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/german.reg113 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elger.reg112 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/eldan.reg112 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elheb.reg112 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elfra.reg112 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/dutch.reg112 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elnld.reg111 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/arabic.reg109 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/elarb.reg108 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/SoundOn.reg97 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/SoundOff.reg95 Byte
unknown easylingo Setup/Serial.reg90 Byte
text easylingo Setup/Picasa.ini81 Byte
text easylingo Setup/Autorun.inf27 Byte
exe Easy_lingo_update_v3.0/Easy_lingo_update_v2.0.exe15.29 MB
text important info.txt208 Byte
text Serial.txt20 Byte


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